The Rnanubhandhana Of Sex

The Hindu religion speaks of reincarnations unlike Islam or Christ where the soul has to end in heaven or hell after death.Hinduism speaks of reincarnations on the basis of the LAW OF KARMA.And under this law everything is nothing but rnanubhandhana that we have with others around .

In reality there is nothing to sex but rnanubhandhana. Freud was right to argue that sex instinct is inherent in all creatures,inborn in each one.But did he know why? he might have not known that the sex instinct actually begins with the union of the sperm and ovum,because that is a sex act all its own,a union of male and female.Sexuality begins with conception, and as soon as the child is born it is aware of its sexuality.If u notice even the tiny infant has erections.Since erection occurs only when the ego self-identifies with the penis,ego awareness of sexuality must be present even in infancy.

Two people can be be mutually attracted to one another only if there was some relationship between them in a previous life.They may have been animals or insects or humans, but if they copulated then they will be overwhelmed by the urge to copulate when they meet in this life.And just because they were mates or husband and wife in a previous existence it does not always happen that they must be husband and wife in this life.

A person of Subtle intelligence will be able to discover so many things about two people who copulate.Normally,the male is dominant.He first indicates his desire for sex, and then the female acquiesces.She will acquiesce only if there was a relationship between them in the past.She will be overcome by the urge developed during the previous liaison.If the female in this birth takes the initiative , she must have been the male previously.Even postures taken during coitus is determined by that previous relationship.Each species has its own peculiarities of mating, and if you know all the possible wombs, the sex posture alone is sufficient to pinpoint the species involved in the previous relationship.

There comes a point, though, where sex becomes tiresome.How much can you preform , anyways?Suppose there was a couple who had enjoyed so much sex in the past birth that they were fully satiated.When they meet in this birth they will have a desire for sex but they will never be impelled to follow through on that desire.If they avoid sex in this birth their relationship will become much more intense.

Most people cannot get out of the rnanubhandhana of sex, which is why society developed the institution of marriage.Originally, there was no such system as marriage here in India.People were more primitive.If you wanted some woman , u just go and take her , and no one could say anything about it .Swetaketu Changed all that.

Human beings like to procreate, to produce their own kind.If they could learn to create there is no limit to what they could achieve.But you have to give up procreation before you can begin to create, and very few, are willing to do that.

We need to see things with a different perspective .We have in our mind created our own views and most of these were inherited by us without any questions to their effects and existence.

I am in no way attempting to break any pillars of faith …all i write here is just some perceptions that i have made through all that i have read or been exposed to in my search to some fundamental questions.

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