Knowing Mahaveer

NavkarMantra : Meaning:

Namo Arihantanam I bow in reverence to Arihants
Namo Siddhanam | I bow in reverence to Siddhas
Namo Ayariyanam | I bow in reverence to Acharyas
Namo Uvajjhayanam | I bow in reverence to Upadhyayas
Namo Loye Savva Sahunam | I bow in reverence to all Sadhus
Eso Panch Namukkaro | This five-fold salutation
Savva Pavappanasano | Destroys all sins
Mangalanam Cha Savvesim | And amongst all auspicious things
Padhamam Havai Mangalam | Is the most auspicious one

The Navkar Mantra is the most fundamental mantra in Jainism and can be recited at any time of the day. While reciting the Navkar Mantra, the aspirant bows with respect to Arihantas, Siddhas, Ächäryäs, Upädhyäyas, Sädhus, and Sädhvis. The mantra enables us to worship the virtues of all the supreme spiritual people instead of just worshipping one particular person. For this reason, the Navkar Mantra does not mention the names of any Tirthankaras, Siddhas, Acharyas, Upädhyäyas, Sädhus, or Sädhvis.The Navkär Mantra contains the essence of Jainism.

Before we enter the world of Mahaveer it is essential to understand that comparing him to the Himalayas (tallest) etc is not just a metaphor.The Himalayan range and the peaks can be seen from far and still be caught in its splendid beauty.But when talking of Mahaveer, to understand him one has to climb the summit of reality.One can try to understand Mahaveer without taking the pains of the climb,by just learning from faraway,but that would be superficial. The Only way to know Mahaveer is to take a plunge into this abyss .

Many a times all we are left with is just the conclusion, the knowledge of the process is lost. All we can see is the Summit , but the path to the top is lost . Same is with the NavkarMantra.People have been reciting the Mantra for about 2500+ years now. The Mantra is just like a pinnacle , the process leading to it is lost in time.And without knowing the process the result is supposedly no good.Before we take a plunge let us from a different perspective try to understand the Mantra. To understand the mantra is difficult in today’s time because the milieu prevalent then is lost to time . Most of the things will look like a myth.Lets say the physical attributes of the 24 tirthankars sounds imagenary. Except for Mahaveer whose physical attributes are depicted as a normal humanbeings, the 23 trithankars are shown to be huge and tall.Their height defies human understanding. But science now has a rationale to it .Scientist now have reason to believe that as and when the land started shrinking on earth the gravitational force became stronger and in proportion to the strength of the gravitational force the height of people decreased. NavkarMantra is called a Maha Mantra in Jainism, actually every religion has a Maha Mantra because around this mantra the fabric of the religion is woven .

What do this Mahamantra do ? What is their use and what can be got from them ? Today sound electronics is reaching new heights and opening new frontiers of our understanding. It is told in our ancient scriptures and is now seconded by sound scientist that any sound produced on earth is never destroyed .It stays on in the environment /nature. Lets assume here that the skies/environment/nature plays the role of the recorder and records things.The power in such mantra makes qualitative changes in and around us in nature.And a person with such mantra has a different aura around him.if a picture of somebody is taken in Hi-frequency camera not only the physical aspects of that person, but even a light/magnetic field is captured. This is Aura and surprisingly the aura speaks more than you can imagine about you.It is said that 6 months before once death the aura shows it if u can read it . Even after a persons death the aura takes 3 days to dissipate and dissolve. This is why the 3rd day in many cultures is given importance in death rituals.Logically the more pure and lively one is the stronger/brighter the aura is.Everything living has a aura,and vice-versa.Mantra is nothing but the process to change your aura. The process to change the space and electro-magnetic field around things and humans. And every religion has a Maha Mantra and Jainism has Navkar….Navkar is the destroyer of all evil …Sounds illogical ….right? Basically what it does is initiates changes in your aura which make it difficult for you to commit evil. it is said that a certain aura is required to commit evil.Then again a argumentive mind will say how does it happen ? what will happen if a thief recites this mantra?How will this destroy the evil.The idea of namaskar is not just verbal …it is the feeling of surrender …Surrender to the ones who know.And when this feeling becomes prevalent it transforms your aura and thus changes your evil actions.When u say the mantra you destroy your EGO.And the groves of the mantra in nature then envelop you.Maha Mantra thus is just the key to change the fields around you.

This was just a attempt to understand What a Maha Mantra is and what are its effects.In subsequent posts i will attempt to bring forward my understanding On Navkar Mantra in detail and on Mahaveer and his teachings .

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One Response to Knowing Mahaveer

  1. Ashok jain says:

    namokar mantra changes Aura around human being which help him not to committ crime and also help him good doing

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