Eve : My Little Princess

It all begin one day almost ten years ago, to the day, she had come home as a puppy, only to be rejected by my mom. My mom had nothing to do with her , had wanted her sent back to where she was bought from or to give her away to anyone willing. Eve , however , had not taken her abandonment to heart,in fact, had clawed her way back with growing affection, to build a stronger bond than I have experienced with another living being. And now she is gone, leaving me bereft.

I do not recall any special affection I might have had for dogs in my childhood. Eve was my first-ever pet. She was a Doberman. A small,squeaky puppy who was very weak and seemed might not survive to grow into the princess she became later.When she first entered home in my arms as i fetched her from a friend’s car she soiled the house and hid herself under the table within a pile of clothes. She would tremor by mere sight of people and the slightest of sound. I searched for a Vet in my circles and finally found one who was a friend’s sister. She had just turned a vet and hence was free to treat a feeble puppy devoting as much time as needed. Maybe things were meant to fall in place and Eve responded well to all the care and medication. She grew into a healthy canine. Everything turned around, her dry bald coat gave way to a shiny , lustrous coat smooth as satin, her fear and fright turned into a thing of the past. She was now a fierce little girl almost having her way for everything she wanted. In the process of her evolution along with her changed the mindset of all the people around at home and she become family.

Being in a Gujarati family has its perks, which Eve too discovered soon. She turned into a  complete foodie and a Gujarati at heart. The ever frightened puppy now turned into a socialite of sought, who wanted to be around and amongst people all the time . She was never tied and roamed freely around the house mingling with us as we went through our daily chores like having dinner , watching television or even just sitting and talking . She would just come up and lay next to us like a baby. Her mischief had a touch of innocence and every time she did some thing silly she just nuzzled up against us innocently looking into our eyes melting our hearts immediately. She knew she could get away with anything and so did we , cos we had a bond so strong that nothing else mattered.

As she grew into lady she mothered a litter of seven puppies and I saw to it that she had the comfort of home all throughout her pregnancy. She delivered under the supervision of a team of doctors at home itself. Her love for us was mutual or maybe even more as she would never bother about the litter and would just run across to where we would be. In all her life that she spent with us she never ever had another bout of major illness and was never a trouble to us .

Eve loved fruits and ice-cream. Banana and mangoes would top the list. During the later years of her life as she grew older we curtailed giving her bananas as she would sometimes catch cold and get cough.During the past week , before she passed away she was having a little cough. We called in the vet who said it was normal at her age and prescribed some medicines. Over the week-end she had developed some breathing issues and was still told to continue with the course. Then on Sunday her breathing came a major issue , but as it turned out the vet was not available that night. We gave her one more dose of her medicine and her issue seemed to be contained. We decided to get her to the hospital the next day for further diagnosis and treatment. But as fate would have it , that never happened. At 5:30 am in the morning she woke up for her usual walk and returned home a little exhausted. There was still time for the hospital visit, so we put her to bed for some rest. She could not sleep and was turning restless. She would just run up to us and lick us as if to say :” I am in pain, please don’t wait anymore. Take me to the hospital”. I would usually never ignore her or her smallest request, but today when she walked up to me looking in my eyes and licking my hand while I was smoking on the window, I just calm her down and made her sleep besides me. She obliged and lay restless besides me waiting for some help. Suddenly a gust of blood oozed out of her mouth. We picked her up immediately and decided to take her to the hospital.En route to the hospital she just threw her head in my sister’s lap as if she had given up. We called her name and she looked up with great difficulty opening her eyes for the last time to say “GOOD BYE”. That is the moment it was all over. She had left us forever.

My little princess was no more . ……..

With her she had taken a piece of my heart and created a void that no one can ever fill. If only I could tell her and she could understand now “Eve I will Always Love You”. RIP My Little Princess.

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